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Are you tired of wasting money on marketing campaigns that fail to deliver meaningful results? If you want to grow your business, the secret lies in building and cultivating relationships in your community. Our member businesses pledge to donate a percentage of their daily, weekly or monthly revenue to local charities, non-profits and other community-based organizations. When you support your community, your community will in-turn support you.


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Our Mission is to act as a conduit for giving, empowering small businesses to give back - and connecting them with and distributing funds to the local charities, non-profits and other community-based organizations in our network.



Our vision of WAITT Cause Marketing is to create a system that enables all small businesses to turn their marketing dollars into donations that go directly to supporting local causes, non-profits and community-based organizations.


Our purpose is to serve small businesses as well as local charities, non-profits, community based organizations and consumers alike, by acting as a conduit for giving thereby creating a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved. 

Why Choose us?

At WAITT Cause Marketing, we believe that all companies have the capacity to give, and we’re here to help map out a timeline and giving plan that aligns with your values and larger business goals. YOU can be a driver of this movement and shift the culture to help companies stand at the forefront of both economic and social change.

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Consumers want to do business with companies that are committed to giving back, and they are certain to tell their friends and family about it.

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Free Publicity

Journalists are always looking for a good story, which could get your business featured in blog posts, on the evening news or in newspaper articles

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In a world where most companies only focus is on profits, you can differentiate your business by committing to improving your community.


Tax Benefits

Your accountant will thank you come tax season, as your donations are all tax deductible.

Increase Sales

Customers love supporting businesses they know give back and are committed to being a socially responsible company.

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Employee Morale

As individuals, giving back to our communities makes us feel good, causes us to be more socially aware, and helps us bond with our colleagues as we work toward a common goal.

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Strengthen Community

Supporting local organizations within your community will generate good-will, and in turn your community will support your business.

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Networking Opportunities

You can connect with other member businesses, and we’ll connect you with our network of charities, non-profits and other community-based organizations.

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Positive Branding

Businesses that have an established charitable giving program are viewed more favorably than those that do not.

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Attract Top Talent

In the quest for work-life balance, it is important to many A-List candidates to be employed by a company that gives to charity and supports their local community.

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Raise Awareness

Getting people in your community talking about your business, is a powerful way to generate organic growth.

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Brand Evangelists

People love telling their friends and family about businesses that they know are committed to improving their communities and the world.

bring your business into the spotlight!

WAITT Cause Marketing can help your business connect with organizations throughout your community.


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If you'd like to find out more about WAITT Cause Marketing, or are interested in joining our growing network of businesses committed to supporting their communities, then please fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch!

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