5 easy steps to gain star/key employees, retain your favorite clients AND grow your bottom line!

Now more than ever I hear business owners tell me that they can’t find new employees. It used to be that fellow business members were challenged with increased sales. Reasons for the challenge vary and I think they are simply hurdles, easily overcome with some old fashioned, basic community interaction.  

First: Define the position you want to fill. Have it clearly written out with all of the details your ideal employee will need. Will you be needing a part or full time person? Virtual, in person or Hybrid? Salary, commission or both? What will the job include?  Over the last 4 decades I’ve spent in business, I’ve found that when I have a clear and written description of the employee position available,  the law of attraction works! You can even include the personality traits you desire. It is much easier to help your staff learn their job well when they already have the qualities which are important to your business.  

Second: ASK!  Once you have the position clearly defined, ask your clients, vendors, current employees, friends and family to help you spread the word. This is your community. Have a brief hand out. Share your job description on your social media. Let your community know the opportunity your business has to offer. Social Psychologist, Heidi Grant, says, “Human beings are basically wired to want to give help. It’s one of the richest sources of self-esteem, and it has the potential to be a real win-win. Helping is rewarding for people because they like to be supportive and connect with other people.”  If you’re up for a good read on the subject, check out her book Reinforcements.

Third: Remember prior employees may also be a great source. Take the time to personally call the ones who were fabulous in their roles. Some might be interested in helping you temporarily while you seek to fill the position. They may know someone who is looking for a job when you reach out and share the position. It’s all timing! With texting, FaceTiming, and emailing we have gotten away from a phone call, never mind the old fashioned – in person conversation. Give someone a call! The personal touch may make all the difference in the world.

Fourth: Your best future employee may be someone who already has a part time job. I’ve always heard the expression “It’s easier to find a job when you have a job.” Perhaps this perspective is also valuable to those looking to hire. It may be easier to hire someone who is already working! One of my favorite examples of this is when a fellow insurance agency owner was sharing his secrets on maintaining a great staff, he searched for people who were genuinely interested in making other people’s experiences better. Being a foodie, when he would go out to restaurants he would entertain his servers and waitstaff [in a quality scope view.] The more friendly, caring, detailed and genuinely interested in being there to help their patrons enjoy their dining experience. Whenever he would get exceptional service he would leave his business card with the server and let them know that he would be interested in hiring them if they were ever interested in a career change or something additional to learn. He shares that his BEST employees have come to him in this unique way.  

Fifth: Who have you been helping?: Which local nonprofits and organizations has your business supported in the past? Think about the position you have to offer. What are your benefits – flexible hours? Work from home? Helping others?  Often, the folks running the organizations are volunteers and may be interested in a paid position or certainly may know someone else who is looking for a job.

These are my top 5 tips for thinking outside the box and finding the dream employees you are looking for! 

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