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Finding the Joy of Giving

It all began when founder Nadine Nesbitt was taught in religious school that “it’s your joy to give.”  When she grew up and was blessed to run her own company, she committed to donating 10% of her profits to worthy local causes.

As she continued to invest in her community, her network grew as well. She made incredible professional and personal connections, and her business began to flourish.

One day she realized that the rate of her return on her giving had been close to 200%!

By giving out to her neighbors and locals in need, she did so without expectation of anything in return.  And in the process, she developed rich relationships with people who would either become her customer directly, or refer other people to her.

She noticed how many business owners wanted to invest in their local community but didn’t have time to manage the process.

They needed a win-win situation where they could give to worthy causes AND build relationships and gain publicity.

That’s when WAIIT was born.

W.A.I.T.T. (We’re All In This Together) – Our one of a kind cause marketing company helps businesses grow through a process of mindful and systematic giving.

Come see how you can support a cause, grow your networking, and improve your profits, all at the same time.


Commerce should be driven by doing good, not maximizing profits.

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Our Mission is to act as a conduit for giving, empowering small businesses to give back - and connecting them with and distributing funds to the local charities, non-profits and other community-based organizations in our network.



Our vision of WAITT Cause Marketing is to create a system that enables all small businesses to turn their marketing dollars into donations that go directly to supporting local causes, non-profits and community-based organizations.


Our purpose is to serve small businesses as well as local charities, non-profits, community based organizations and consumers alike, by acting as a conduit for giving thereby creating a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved. 


Creator and Chief Idea Officer


Operations Manager


Director of Community Giving


Client Gratitude Specialist




Bring your business or cause into the spotlight

WAITT Cause Marketing can help your business connect with charities, non-profits and other community-based organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is waitt cause marketing?
WAITT Cause Marketing is a unique cause marketing company that connects businesses with communities through a commitment to donate a percentage of their daily, weekly or monthly revenue to the charities, non-profits and other community based organizations of their choice.
What's a "giving calendar"?
Giving calendars provide businesses with structure for their giving, and can be used as marketing collateral, shared on social media and displayed at your place of business.
How do I Join waitt?
When your business is ready to make this powerful commitment to your community, you can:

Call 1-844-55-WAITT (92488)

E-mail us at info@WAITTCauseMarketing.com

Fill Out a Membership Questionnaire: Here.

Someone from our team will be in touch with next steps.

Are there Membership Dues?
WAITT Member Businesses pay a monthly Marketing Fee of $100. This money supports our work in providing value to you as a member, and towards continuing to grow our community of WAITT Member Businesses.
Who can i donate to?
Donations are made to approved charities, nonprofits and other community-based organizations. Each WAITT Member Business chooses the organizations they want to support. Our Member Businesses donate 1-5% of their gross revenue to the organizations they are supporting. The organizations receiving the donation is chosen in advance, and is represented on the “Giving Calendar.” I.E. If you have chosen ‘ABC Charity’ for the 1st of the month, their donation will be 1-5% of your gross revenue for that day.
How are donations delivered?
WAITT coordinates with each member business on a monthly basis to make sure the donations are delivered.
How are Donations Structured?
WAITT recommends choosing a different organization daily or weekly which maximizes the opportunity to form more relationships in the community. We work with each business individually to determine the best options and schedule for giving. We meet with each business every 6 months to plan their “Giving Calendar” in advance, which allows WAITT to publicize and promote the business and their designated organizations.
Are Donations Tax Deductible?
Yes, donations are deductible per IRS Code.


Contact Us

If you'd like to find out more about WAITT Cause Marketing, or are interested in joining our growing network of businesses committed to supporting their communities, then please fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch!

Phone: 1-844-55-WAITT (92488)

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