“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” says the top 40 holiday playlists every December – but is it true? The holidays are supposed to be a fun, relaxing time to be spent with family and friends but sometimes we get so caught up in the details that we can’t truly enjoy it. The holiday shopping, decorating, baking and preparing to host guests; it’s no wonder the true meaning of the holidays often gets lost. What if there was a simple solution to DE-stressing this holiday season? And what if that very solution not only helped you it also helped others? “What is it?” you ask? It’s called GRATITUDE GIFTING. Our secret weapon to DE-stressing is to refocus how we share our gratitude during the season. We hope one idea sparks your interest and inspires you.

4 DE-stressing, lo-cost, positive impact GRATITUDE GIFTING ideas:

  • SKILLING (AKA-SKILL GIFTING) – Consider your talents!  Maybe you’re amazing at knitting or you can bake a mean batch of holiday cookies? Maybe you’re a DIY (Do-It-Yourselfer) kind of person who can build something from scratch?  Can you play an instrument or sing and learn your best friend’s favorite song? Skill gifting may create the most cherished memories.
  • ADVENTURE GIFTING – One of the most meaningful gifts of all is the gift of time well spent with loved ones. There are plenty of free attractions that would make a perfect memorable outing?  You could pack a holiday picnic at your local public library? How fun it would be to make some hot chocolate in “TO-GO” cups and drive around looking at all the amazing lighting displays!  Giving the gift of your creativity, thoughtfulness and ability to plan an outing is a gift in itself! 
  • LESS IS MORE GIFTING – The holidays are a perfect time to downsize. There are many donation centers that accept things like clothing, kitchenware, electronics etc. to re-purpose and/or resell for all kinds of fabulous non-profits. 
  • TIME GIFTING – Donating our time may be the most impactful donation of all. Many small organizations need volunteers during the holiday season. Whether it’s working a soup kitchen, spending time at a homeless shelter, or simply running a holiday booth for a local charity, it’s all important.

Let us know what new thing you tried and how it helped change stress to relief!  If you want help planning and implementing great community connections, don’t wait, contact WAITT! info@WAITTforCommunity.com

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