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Your Business Gives. People Buy.

Develop a loyal customer base, because people love to patronize businesses that give back!

1) Join Our community

Become a part of our community. We have a growing network of member businesses committed to giving back to their communities.

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2) Choose Your Causes

You decide which causes, non-profits and other community based organizations mean the most to you, and that you’d like to support.

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3) We Create your Calendars

Based on the organizations you’ve chosen to support, we’ll set up your custom “Giving Calendar.”

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4) Share The News

 Display your calendar in your place of business or share them on social media! Let your customers know that part of their purchases will help support your community.



WAITT Cause Marketing will bring in more sales… more customers and more exposure. Not to mention help connect you with community leaders, and the organizations doing good in your community. Take a minute out of your day to learn how.

bring your organization into the spotlight!

WAITT Cause Marketing can help your charity, non-profit or community-based organization raise awareness, increase donations and attract more supporters to your cause.


The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

Reflecting on my dive into the “cause marketing” world, I wondered why some businesses always seem to have more than enough business, regardless of natural attrition, entrepreneurial speed bumps, average service or any of a myriad of business dysfunction. We all know...

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8 Reasons Your Business Should Give Back

8 Reasons Your Business Should Give Back

As a business owner the decision to support a charity or non-profits can be difficult. Not in the sense that choosing to help those in need is difficult. Rather that overcoming the fear that giving back will seriously impact your bottom line. This is not the case. In...

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What is Cause Marketing?

What is Cause Marketing?

In this extraordinary era of transparency and social responsibility, consumers now hold businesses to much higher standards. The explosion of social media and increasing levels of activism across all demographics means businesses must do more to serve their...

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