Need more Employees? We’ve got you covered!

When an organization knows that a portion of your revenue will be donated back to them in some way or another they are way more likely to come in and eat. Not only this but many organization volunteers or people they’re connected with are looking for full or part time positions for work. 

With a quick email introduction to the organizations you’re donating to to let them know you’re looking for employees, someone almost always shows interest. WAITT has connected many businesses with new employees this way and it’s one of the many advantages to being a part of our program.

Even some of WAITT’s very own were originally volunteers on a donation board who were looking for some part time work. Through the Ashland Pre-School PTO and the Mom’s Club we found two women who were perfect matches for the the positions we needed to fill and they have been valued members of our team for a long time now. This and more is possible through the power of giving charitable donations and using them to then make lasting connections.

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