Our Memberships

The Altruist – ($299/month)

-12 Personalized WAITT giving calendars with one organization of your choice per day

Pick 5 – ($99/month)

-12 Personalized WAITT giving calendars with 5 organizations per month of your choice


Additional Loyalty Programs:

Thank You & Customer Remembrance Program
One of the best ways to get repeat business is to remember your customers on their special days and/or to thank them for their business. We will assist you in remembering those who support you with custom birthday or thank you cards.
New Residents Welcome Program
Our welcome program is designed to introduce you to new residents in town through a fun package with small gifts from local businesses to welcome them to town. We assemble the packages all you have to do is provide a fun promotional item or coupon/offer for each new home and we send it out. 
*prices vary on additional loyalty programs depending on your needs.

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