Publicity, Networking, Brand Building All rolled into one

People asked for donations. We didn’t want to say no. WAITT gave us the structure to quantify it and put it in a box. Now we have a procedure so we can say yes

How Does This Work?

  1.  You do the fun part! You choose the charitable organizations to support.   
  2.  We’ll create a giving calendar and disperse the funds – no more getting bombarded with requests or managing the transactions
  3.  You’ll get FREE publicity on social media when your donations are made – reaching new networks and potential employees, while also nurturing existing relationships
More charities = a bigger network to promote YOU

We all know that networking and word of mouth are incredibly powerful marketing tools – some would say it’s the MOST powerful revenue generator.

By spreading out your charitable giving, you’ll automatically cast a wider net of publicity. The organizations are grateful for your contributions – and want to pay it forward with free advertising.

 But who has time to manage contributions to multiple organizations? Now you don’t need to.

Repeat this section on a NEW PAGE for the loyalty program.


Pick Your Plan
One restaurant client started with us under the Altruist program and TRIPLED his donations in four months! Let’s see what it can do for you.

Loyalty Program

Remember – getting a new customer is 5x more expensive  than keeping your existing customers!

Recognize your customers on their birthday with a personalized card or show gratitude with a thank you card to and keep your business top of mind.

When people feel remembered and valued, they remain loyal customers – and are more likely to refer business to you.


New Resident Welcome Package

Our community is always changing – and you’ll need a way to get in front of new residents as they come in.

Include your promotional item in our fun “welcome care package” that is delivered right to their home.

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