Do you want to create a more powerful relationship within your business community? As business owners, that’s a resounding yes, right?! 

In a recent Forbes study reported by James Epstein-Reeves he shared two crucial pieces of information:

  1. More than 83% of consumers think companies should support charities and nonprofits.
  2. The average American consumer will drive nearly 11 minutes out of their way to buy a cause marketing product.

Those two pieces of information are amazing. They highlight the fact that we all want to do good in the world in some way and if we can do good by buying goods and services from a company who is donating to charity, that’s a no-brainer!

As a business owner, you are most likely donating here and there to many different organizations. This is the perfect time to take a look at which non-profits and community organizations you already donate to. How fabulous would it be to become a community match-maker?

WAITT helps businesses to create more meaningful connections with their communities. We help you to put a system in place that enables you to consistently give to your favorite organizations, which will build those connections with the community. 

By using our three tips below you will create even longer lasting relationships and connections which will benefit your business for years to come.           

  1. Does your business have regular employee meetings? Spruce them up a bit by inviting organizations you donate to to be the guest speaker at your next employee meeting.  
  2. Would you like to create special opportunities among the key gatekeepers in your business? Consider inviting your favorite recipients to co-host a brown bag “meet and greet.” Include your favorite clients, vendors and business associates. 
  3. Pick an organization each month and allow them to host a raffle at your business. Laura at ClockTown Liquors sets up a table for the selected organization and allows them to decorate the table with raffle prize opportunities. A favorite of mine was the raffle for Father’s Day. It included two custom Rifles to Rods T-shirts and assorted fishing paraphernalia. 

These things are easy to implement and they will reap incredible benefits. We’ve seen it happen over and over to the businesses we’ve worked with.

Here are the main benefits you’ll see:

*An elevated understanding about your business’s commitment to important causes in your community.

*Opportunities for staff to adopt some of the organizations they’ve been interested in.

*New learnings with out-of-the-box ways to engage in the community. 

*The organizations you support with donations, get to know YOU and vice versa.

*Building relationships with the organizations you donate to makes it much more likely they will refer business to you because they will know, like and trust you.

*A greater awareness among your clientele of you and what your business values. 

*These activities place your business in the forefront for respect and recognition.

Feeling inspired but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Contact Nadine at 

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